Bio-CCHP (Waste Biomass-Powered Combined Cooling, Heat & Power)

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To drive the green economy and the development of carbon negative technologies that convert agricultural and biomass waste into green energy and renewable products. Together we will make a difference!


To be one of the fastest-growing integrated clean energy production specialists driving carbon negative engineering, offering process design, installation & commissioning services to deliver systems that convert customer biomass waste streams into biochar, energy and value-added chemicals in a social, economic and environmentally responsible manner that is affordable to all.

PyroGenesys Process

The PyroGenesys PYROGASIFIER concept, is a unique combination of pyrolysis and gasification technology, that turns waste biomass into a decentralized supply of combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP). The Bio-CCHP trigeneration concept is designed to handle a much wider range of feedstocks than any other conventional gasifiers currently on the market. By processing high volumes of cheap, abundant waste biomass, Bio-CCHP will be able to provide clean-carbon neutral cooling, heat & power at a very competitive unit cost per kWh. Get in touch to discuss reduced cooling, heat and power costs, significant reductions in green-house gas emissions and how to improve your building energy efficiency today!

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PyroGenesys is an integrated energy technology provider, and developer of low carbon renewable technologies.

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