About us

About the company

PyroGenesys is a bio-energy technology start-up founded in 2017.

The company has developed a novel containerised waste to energy system called Pyrochemy that uses an advanced thermal technology called pyrolysis to generate electricity.

The plan is to deploy Pyrochemy in off-grid communities across Sub-Saharan Africa to provide access to renewable energy.

DID you know?

Nearly two-thirds of the world's population currently without access to electricity live in farming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our studies have shown many of these communities have access to an abundant supply of agricultural waste which can be turned into surplus electricity, process heat and biofuels, making them energy self-sufficient.


PyroGenesys is developing low-cost, environmentally-friendly technology to transform the way communities in Nigeria and the entire African continent as a whole receive electricity with its innovative Pyrochemy system.


To drive the green economy and the development of carbon neutral technologies that convert agricultural and biomass waste into green energy and renewable biofuels and products. 

Together we will make a difference!


To be one of the fastest-growing integrated clean energy production specialists driving carbon neutral engineering, offering process design, installation & commissioning services. Moreover, to deliver systems that convert customer biomass waste streams into renewable energy and biofuels in a social, economic and environmentally responsible manner that is affordable to all.

Our objectives

Keeping our promises

We desire to make everything we do happen in a way that provides livelihood opportunities to people in Africa.

Increased market share

Spreading our simultaneous energy access and circular economy concept across many new regions of Africa and other continents where it's needed.

Product performance

Continuous innovation and improvement of our technologies and implementation models to maximise their impact.

Zero emissions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Africa, and where possible, provide carbon negative solutions.

advisory panel

George Steel

Founder & Managing Director of INDECO Consulting

Gary Styles

Zellar Founder & CEO


Why are we different?

What makes a company different represents its path to success.

New concept

PyroGenesys has developed and is testing new technologies and implementation models that deliver positive circular economy impacts in developing countries.

Embracing diversity

From our team-members to our partners, we encourage and support equality and diversity in every community we engage.

Encouraging sutainability

Helping people to be economically productive whilst protecting their environment.