Grants represent a massive impact on a company, especially as a start-up. This makes the issued community receive the required help sooner due to the facilitated processes. The awareness of the problem is increased along with the desired solution.



Have a look below at the grants received by PyroGenesys.

Why grants?

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Smart Concept Fund

The Smart Concept Fund Project exceeded PyroGenesys' expectations, and in February 2018 the company received approval for a Proof of Concept Grant of £25,000, this is contributing to the fabrication cost of a prototype pyrolysis test-rig that will be used by PyroGenesys to further their current research into the development of carbon and bio-oil products.

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EIT Climate-KIC (Knowledge and Innovative Community) Award

Received in May 2017 the award recognises the most promising entrepreneurs and start-ups in Europe.

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ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Smart Concept Grant

A fund allocated by the European Union. Its purpose is to transfer money from richer regions (not countries), and invest it in the infrastructure and services of underdeveloped regions. Offers a Proof of Concept grant designed to support the commercialisation of new technologies.

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Food Innovation Award

Received in April 2018, The World Food Innovation Awards, in association with IFE, are a celebration of innovation and excellence across every category of the global food industry.

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IUK ECR6 (Energy Catalyst Round 6)

Received in December 2020 for the PPA project (PyroPower Africa), ECR6 addresses the need for clean, affordable and secure energy in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

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IUK ECR7 (Energy Catalyst Round 7)

ECR7 is available as part of Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst Round 7 for innovative energy technologies which focus on the energy access needs of Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia which also hit all three areas of the energy trilemma of: cost, emissions, security of supply and energy access. EEA (Energy Access Africa) and EMEES (Ethiopian Minigrad Extensions & Energy Storage) are the projects the grant is meant for.

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GCRF (Global Challenge Research Fund)

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is a £1.5 billion fund that supports cutting-edge research to address challenges faced by developing countries. It is part of the UK’s official development assistance (ODA). The fund addresses the United Nations sustainable development goals. It aims to maximise the impact of research and innovation to improve lives and opportunity in the developing world. RIVET (Rural Industrialisation via Energy Technologies) is the project the grant is meant for.

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Why partnerships?

Our new concept could not be implemented without help and investments from certain people ready to develop our ideas for a better future. 

Our partners embrace different aspects of our work and support our growth through cultivating our beliefs and aiming to promote sustainable technology.

AATF in partnership with Pyrogenesys supported the initiative by conducting a feasibility and market study to identify the crop wastes that can be used to generate clean energy in Nigeria.  


AATF also lead the gender aspect of the project to ensure gender mainstreaming and inclusion in which thousands of smallholder farmers are supported with mechanised cassava farming to increase productivity and generate wealth through sale of the cassava tubers and plant waste.

Aceleron is using its unique battery design to produce a lithium battery solution for both e-motorbikes and e-tuk-tuks. Aceleron is a UK based start-up and these batteries are applicable to the expanding e-mobility market across the world.


Providing clean energy for transport, while reducing the waste which is created by conventional lithium batteries represents the problem they are approaching. Creating a battery with reduced waste for a large market which has the potential for high impact in reducing CO2 emissions.


Agridrive Ltd is participating in the initiative to ensure increased income for farmers that are growing cassava and using their harvest waste as an energy feedstock and economic resource for smallholders. This procedure is made through AATF.


Agridrive has also supported PyroGenesys in acquiring phytosanitary certificates for agricultural sample materials which have been exported to support further research work in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the support received in accessing in-country laboratory analytical services to test a range of local materials expected to be used in further research became available through its help.

The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) is a global business organisation that helps creating a 21st-century renewable energy industry that is sustainable, decentralised, and affordable, while also generating employment opportunities and integrated ecosystems.


PyroGenesys has a year-round networking opportunities through the partnership, such as in-country seminars, webinars, and direct interaction with other members and investors through the ARE LinkedIn community, weekly updates, and internal webinars and conferences. 


Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute, Aston University is collaborating with us through Dr Cristiane Scaldaferri that works in partnership with PyroGenesys as research fellow representative. 


She has experience in heterogeneous catalysis and biomass valorisation for applications in energy, fuels, and chemicals. 


With PyroGenesys, Dr Cristiane Scaldaferri works on the upgrading of pyrolysis process oil for the production of biofuels.

Babban Gona Farmer Services Nigeria Limited is an award winning, high-impact, financially sustainable, and highly scalable agri-tech social enterprise, focused on transforming agriculture into a job creation engine with a goal to create 1 million jobs for African youth by 2025.
Babban Gona’s involvement in the PyroPower Africa Project was to largely provide the market intelligence and data required to support the building of the  financing and payment platform designed to support the overall business model and ensure its financial sustainability. 

PyroGenesys and staff from the Centre for Environment and Sustainability, University of Surrey met at a UKRI funded ‘Waste to Wealth’ workshop in March 2019. 


Having established many mutual areas of interest in the provision of bioenergy and biorefinery systems, CES is now supporting PyroGenesys and the project partners in the EC7 funded EMEES project, through the provision of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, from feedstock to end-use of PyroGenesys products.

 CPL are the largest sellers of smokeless fuel in Europe and they are looking at ways to go even greener by introducing more biomasses to their products. 


CPL’s role, as mentioned, is to find suitable alternatives to coal and working on projects such as these allows that to happen where wastes can be turned into renewable fuels to help both rural communities and also established markets.


ERG is an Ethiopian based mini-grid developer which is currently running commercial micro-grids in rural areas of Ethiopia where a total number of over 250 households are benefiting. In partnership with PyroGenesys, EGR is conducting several studies including technical and economic viability of the biomass pyrolyser technology taking the current mini-grid operation areas as cases. 


ERG will also experiment if battery charging service would be one possible demand for the electricity from the mini-grid while still extending electricity access to the neighbouring communities that cannot be connected.


Energy Catalyst helps to speed up the breakthrough needed to eradicate energy poverty. Energy Catalyst promotes the advancement of innovations and business models that can enhance lives in Africa and Asia by providing financial and advisory support, as well as forming strategic alliances and revealing meaningful insight.


Energy Access Africa (EAA) was the project funded by Energy Catalyst where the deployment of the Pyrochemy prototype was present and supported since them.


Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO) is working with PyroGenesys on two projects.

The RIVET Project is a collaborative project aimed at improving rural technologies in the area of cassava processing. FIIRO is tasked with developing a human-centred steam-powered garri fryer for the communities situated there.

The PPA project challenges the FIIRO team to develop a steam turbine that will generate continous power for rural electrification.

We are the UK arm of an established Italian innovative Engineering consultancy company who work in partnership with a range of other organisations to provide innovative, bespoke solutions to problems which require an Engineering solution. 

Using our team of Engineers from a range of disciplines, custom Engineering modelling, intelligent design, and deep understanding of fundamental Engineering principles we took the PyroGenesys concept and Engineered a small scale prototype.  From this initial build, we have containerised the system to aid transportation, added a bespoke boiler, to maximise the energy efficiency, and connected this to a turbine to demonstrate a the complete Pyrochemy concept. 

Koolmill has pioneered a disruptive technology that makes modern high-performance rice processing technology available, accessible and affordable to all Rice Millers, regardless of size, gender, or location. A simpler, ultra-low power processing solution that produces more food from existing harvests and can be sized to meet the needs of SME millers. Their role in the PyroPower Africa project was to offer a biomass source (Rice Husk waste from milling) and to act as an anchor load.



Koolmill contributes to 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and addresses the annual triple bottom line loss of $127 billion from rice production.

The University of Leicester contribution has supported PyroGenesys to shed light on the large scale potential of utilising crop waste residues to support development of rural energy infrastructure and underserved communities.

The utilisation of Earth Observation satellite data from the University of Leicester team to identify possible locations for future PyroChemy installations across Nigeria was a massive help for the Pyro Power Africa project.

Mobile Power has designed an energy distribution ecosystem that supplies affordable, clean power to poor households and enterprises in off-grid communities in Africa using a “pay-as-you-go” smart battery rental system. The core innovation is in the cost-effective distribution of electricity off-grid. 



Mobile Power’s batteries will be charged at our MOPO Hubs which are anchor loads for and will draw their power from the waste to energy bioenergy machinery provided by PyroGenesys. 


Mobinet Group is a financial technology company specialising on secure integrated payments and transaction processing through its solution: SIMPAY, a branchless banking tool predominantly aimed at the feature and basic phone users with a downloadable version for smartphone users (working with or without Internet).


It, in turn, enables members of the community to be financially included offering new and increased access to money and various financial services and products, including electricity provided by PyroGenesys which aids the development and growth of various communities across Africa.


Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology (WEST) is a Nonprofit Organisation that is working with all project partners, participating communities, and other stakeholders to assist PyroGenesys on gender-inclusive innovations, recruiting and retention of female bio-plant operators.


WEST will inform the mechanical design of garri fryers which will lead to health, environmental, economic development and empowerment of garri fryers in Nigeria, predominantly for women.

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