Energy Access Africa

Sierra Leone & Liberia
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The project will help facilitate a continuation in the rollout of the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst-funded Pyrochemy energy from waste power generation system.

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The EAA consortium is a multinational, interdisciplinary group of companies and academics, working together to improve access to electricity in off-grid rural communities across Sierra Leone and Liberia, with a specific focus on female empowerment.

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Main problem

Power distribution, where it is uneconomical for mini-grid developers to operate, requires an approach involving the use of mobile battery rentals. 


Statistics show that in Liberia only 6.6 % of people in rural areas have access to electricity, and in the country as a whole only 21.5 % have access to electricity. Household electricity consumption levels typically will not support a mini-grid power distribution business model.


Our Impact

The EAA project would ultimately ensure that even remote Sub-Saharan African communities have access to renewable power generated and distributed by PyroGenesys and our supply chain partners. 

By extension, this approach promises to improve the lives of rural communities through increased access to education, health and reduction in poverty, as communities once given the opportunity of transforming their agricultural waste into power, will also be able to distribute and pay for electricity using rental batteries and mobile money.


The vision of the project is to empower rural communities, women and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa through the provision of clean energy and skilled jobs.