Problems we solve

GHG Emissions

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes global warming. Other greenhouse gases (GHGs), such as methane, are far more potent. The greenhouse effect has been linked to climate change with massive consequences to our environment and nature. 


The Pyrochemy concept aims to significantly reduce the amount of GHGs produced from agricultural waste and by displacing fossil fuels used for small-scale power generation.


Access to electricity

Many communities in Sub-Saharan Africa have no access to electricity. Many energy  companies avoid servicing areas where households are divided into widely-spaced clusters and the distance between each is considerable, requiring a substantial investment. 


Pyrochemy is a strategically sized system  designed to operate in many kinds of locations.


Environmental change

Productivity can be increased along with maintaining a clean environment and reducing unnecessary waste. 


The Pyrochemy concept is sustainable because of its capacity to recycle locally available agricultural waste materials and transform them into renewable forms of energy and bio-fuels, without harming our surroundings.


worldwide solutions

Our containerised waste to energy technology was designed for rapid deployment to provide energy access to off-grid communities  all over the world.



The ability to convert agricultural waste to renewable energy and biofuels has been designed to enhance the business case for existing solar mini-grid and wind turbine installations.  


Our Pyrochemy bioenergy and biofuel system can switch between power generation and biofuel production as a way of providing cooking fuel and lighting to remote communities..

Our solution

What is Pyrochemy?

Pyrochemy is a novel waste to energy technology developed by PyroGenesys and our consortium partners.


The Pyrochemy process turns waste biomass into a decentralised source of combined cooling, heat, power (CCHP) and value-added commodities (e.g. Biochar smokeless fuel briquettes).


The Pyrochemy CCHP concept is designed to handle a much wider range of feedstocks than the conventional gasifier technologies currently on the market.



By processing high volumes of cheap, abundant waste biomass, Pyrochemy will be able to provide clean-carbon neutral cooling, heat & power at a very competitive unit cost per kWh.

Pyrochemy deployment

Pyrochemy has been developed for deployment across the African continent, where the need for energy access is greatest.


The Pyrochemy system, illustrated in this image, is ideally suited to African food processors and farming communities. We are in the process of assessing the business case at numerous locations, to ensure energy use demand can be met by converting locally available agricultural waste.


We have mapped and surveyed the crop types/availability and energy use of many  African villages, and assessed the technical readiness level of proposed Pyrochemy installation sites.

The results

More Locations

The projects we deliver enable us to assess the technical and business case for hosting our Pyrochemy system at many different possible locations. 

More Connections

The various consortia we have created up to this point have helped PyroGenesys to develop useful relationships with potential supply chain partners and customers ready to integrate and trial our technology and share their success.

More Safety

We hope our Pyrochemy system will enable more African people to access reliable, affordable, renewable electricity while working in a safe and healthy environment.


See who helps us

Our ideas and actions have been championed and  supported by many supply chain partners and research institutions from all over the world. 


Without their ongoing support and valued contributions our Pyrochemy concept would take longer to achieve full commercialisation.