Meet the team

dr Joseph eke

Chief Operating Officer

The COO, co-founder of PyroGenesys LTD and co-inventor of Pyrochemy, Dr Joseph Eke has an Undergraduate Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master Degree in Chemical Process Technology with Polymer science. He also obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering.


Dr Joseph’s PhD research on the pyrolysis of biogenic municipal waste, focused on waste characterisation, methods of pre-treatment, techno-economic analysis, and preparation of the biogenic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW) for the pyrolysis process.


Dr Joseph is co-author of several peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. He also has a comprehensive knowledge of process modelling and simulation, process designing, commissioning, installation, data analysis and writing reports. In addition to the skills above, he has experience in producing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), performing research and development to initiate innovative ideas for a range of projects.