Meet the team

Sarah Adekola

GIS Analyst

A multi-disciplinary, tech-savvy spatial data and remote sensing analyst. She holds a Bachelor and master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning, and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Geographical Information Science at the University of Leicester.


Before joining the team, Sarah was providing GIS and remote sensing support to agricultural scientists in an international not-for-profit agricultural institute with roles including but not limited to collecting and manipulating spatial dataset, preparing flight plans and collecting crop data with drones, processing, and classification of multispectral, hyperspectral Satellite and UAV images for crop identification, monitoring crop growth stages and deriving vegetation indices of crops in West African agricultural fields.


With PyroGenesys, Sarah will use GI Systems and remotely sensed data for crop detection, proximity analysis of agri-food processing centres from sources of crop harvest waste, and analysing road network conditions linking farms to crop processing centres.