Meet the team

Theodore Nwosu-Hope

Project Engineer

Graduated in 2018 from the University of Glasgow where he studied Mechanical Engineering. Although the course was broad,  he specialised in renewable energy in his final year completing a dissertation on direct-wind-to-heat conversion technologies.
From 2015-2020 he has worked in construction in the United Kingdom, France and Australia which has afforded him an insight into successful practical project and site management techniques which he intend to build upon in a professional capacity.
Since returning to the United Kingdom in 2020 he has studied an MSc in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Technologies at Northumbria University providing a more in-depth insight into the energy solutions of tomorrow.
The course has allowed him to become proficient in a number of Dynamic Thermal Modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Coding and CAD software which he is looking to employ as he completes his end of year dissertation with PyroGenesys.